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JADE Therapy

  • Control the secretion of digestive juices, assimilation, and elimination
  • Control of the circulatory system
  • Influence on white corpuscles, red corpuscles, and platelets contained in the blood
  • Influence on muscle tonus, and;
  • Direct and indirect influences upon the endocrine glands
  • Reduction of inflammatory process
  • Reduction of degenerative processes
  • Spasmolytic reduction of smooth muscle contained in the vessels and hollow organs causing stasis and insufficient secretions
  • Restoration of polorization in the nerves
  • Tonification of elastic fibres
  • Propelling of lymph fluids by increasing solubility of the intracellular fluids subdermally allowing massage with electric moxing to visibly reduce swelling and tissue puffiness
  • Reduction of pain excitation of motor nerves at key trigger points, thereby have a regulatory influence over muscle spasms, reducing tension, relaxing the joints and sinews

Please call our JADE expert Genie Delay DMM, PhD at 780 233 2654 to schedule your appointment