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Massage Therapy / Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The earliest documented uses of massage therapy show that eastern cultures have been practicing this mode of health care for centuries. Massage has made its way into the European health care system and is slowly being recognized in North America for the benefits it offers. Various studies are showing that massage has extremely positive effects on us physically, psychologically and physiologically. The following are just some of the benefits massage offers:

  • improvement on blood and lymph circulation resulting in an increase of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue
  • Promotes rapid removal of toxins and waste products from muscle tissue
  • Relieves muscle tightness stiffness, and restrictions restoring strength and flexibility
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Stretches connective tissue restoring range of motion to joints
  • Reduces edema by increasing lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system promoting relaxation and reduction of stress
  • Reduces physical symptoms caused by emotional stressors
  • Promotes an overall feeling of well-being

Our Registered massage therapist is Cheryl Deslisle. Please call 780 488 5052 to schedule your appointment.