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Psychosomatic Energy testing – PSE Rubimed

Rubimed Therapy is also referred to as Psychosomatic Energetics. Psychosomatic ( psyche = mind, soma = body) influences have long been known to be a cause in chronic disease. Research indicates that stressors ( including stress, emotional trauma, anxiety etc) can lead to endocrine dysfunction, a weakened immune system, inflammatory reactions and disease.

There is extensive science and research showing that the body and mind are connected and often emotional issues manifest as physical symptoms. We all know someone that suffers from ulcers due to stress or experiences heart palpations due to anxiety.

Rubimed is a revolutionaly natural healing method from Europe. It provides a modern complementary medicine approach that addresses emotional issues and how these issues affect a person’s physical and mental health.

Rubimed therapy is based on the concept that subtle light energy flows in the body and the more it flows, the healthier and more capable a person is. This energy is the source of optimal mental, emotional and physical health. When this free flowing energy is reduced or blocked due to subconscious unresolved emotional issues, it is the source of illness causing physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

Research shows that Rubimed remedies have been clinically proven to resolve the negative health effects of trauma, anxiety, stress and their related physical and mental conditions. A two year study in Europe showed an 85.5 % success rate for resolving anxiety, depression, behavioural disorders, pain, adrenal burnout, sleep disorders, autonomic dysfunctions, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal conditions, allergies, hormonal disorders, skin conditions and stress.  ( Cited from Rubimed patient guide)