About Us

APOTHEC Naturals and Wellness Clinic believes that the body is capable of achieving and maintaining great things and improved health when equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools to make informed and healthy decisions. Acknowledging that every person is unique, every person is an individual, we will take the time to listen to your story.


The fact is, is that people are living longer and “chronic illness is now responsible for more than 80% of all deaths and for an even higher fraction of cases of total disability”


— Fries, 1980

On a daily basis we are confronted with a host of life insults including illness, toxins, trauma, loss, chronic stress and poor lifestyles to name a few.

Our bodies and mind work very hard to maintain balance and homeostasis in order to maintain health and vitality; however, when our core systems become overburdened and are no longer able to maintain balance, illness and disease begin to take hold.

APOTHEC Naturals and Wellness Clinic has an extensive team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you in development of your personalized comprehensive Wellness plan. We fondly refer to ourselves as “The Clinic”

We are conveniently located in Olde Towne Beverly, Edmonton just off the Yellowhead and Anthony Henday Drive

The Clinic”, together with you, will look at the ‘whole’ you and will develop a comprehensive program for you ultilizing our Nine Key Doctrines of Health.

By understanding and implementing these 9 key Doctrines of Health it provides our body the ability to self regulate and heal.

Your story is unique. At APOTHEC Naturals and Wellness Clinic, we take the time to listen and to educate you about about the multiple factors influencing your current state of health.


Apothec Naturals and Wellness Clinic follows the guiding principles of Monastic and Natural Medicine

“First, do no harm”

Act in cooperation with the healing power of nature

Seek, identify and treat the fundamental cause of the illness

Treat the whole person using individualized treatment

Teach the principles of healthy living and preventative health care

Following these fundamental principles and the Nine Doctrines of Wellness, we will teach you strategies and provide you the knowledge needed to make positive changes. Together, we will develop a treatment plan that is individualized and specific to you.

We look forward to working with you on your journey towards recovery and improved health and vitality.

Dame Tami Petroski & Staff